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A united worldwide effort is underway to accelerate solutions to the world’s most complex and urgent global public health challenges. The global action plan led by the World Health Organization and other leading health and development organizations includes strategies that emphasize effective, sustainable policies and programs that, in addition to health and well-being, also prioritize health equity and social justice as pre-requisites for health and well-being for all. Our programs support these goals.

Our programs are meant for people everywhere, whether you are a Hoosier or you live or work anywhere in the U.S. or around the world. We strive for diversity in our student body in the firm belief that diverse perspectives brought to bear in the classroom improve the quality of learning for all. 

We prepare students with a broad, contemporary foundation of knowledge, skills and abilities in global health. This includes attention to public health across low, middle and high income countries as well as the social, economic, political, and organizational conditions that comprise the environmental backdrop for health and well-being. Our graduates excel in multicultural settings at home and abroad where they apply their education and experience to improve the public’s health.

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The Department of Global Health is a highly diverse team of faculty, staff and students. Our interdisciplinary, active approach to learning brings to bear relevant knowledge from a broad range of disciplines using an integrated, practical approach. Our faculty favor a problem-based learning style that encourages highly engaged discussions and debates that prepare students for real-world, team-based working conditions.

Our faculty have varied backgrounds in all of the major disciplinary areas of public health, including health policy and management, environmental health science, epidemiology, social and behavioral sciences, and biostatistics. We are experts in climate change, environmental justice, cancer epidemiology, infectious diseases, nutrition and dietary guidance policy, health informatics, product stewardship, sustainable development, noncommunicable diseases, and many other areas. We have lived and worked on five continents.

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In addition to foundational public health knowledge based in the natural and social sciences, we also value contributions from the arts and humanities that serve to ensure the wholistic perspective necessary for achieving goals across cultures. For that reason, don’t be surprised if your classes occasionally include references from the Great Books or lessons on advocacy drawn from traditions of folklore and storytelling.

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