Research Interests

  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Health IT (mHealth, eHealth)
  • Health disparities
  • Health policy evaluation

Selected Publications

Nahar, V.K., Ford, M.A., Brodell, R.T., Boyas, J.F., Jacks, S.K., Biviji-Sharma, R., Haskins, M.A., & Bass, M.A. (2016). Skin cancer prevention practices among malignant melanoma survivors: a systematic review. Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology, 142(6), 1273-1283.

Norwood, C.W., Biviji-Sharma, R., Knotts, A., Omenka, I., Stone, C., & Purviance, D. (2015). Fighting prescription drug abuse through state policy: The role of nursing in successful implementation. Journal of Addictions Nursing, 26(4), 203-207.

Vice, M.A., Nahar, V.K., Ford, M.A., Johnson, A.K., Davis, A.B., & Biviji-Sharma, R. (2015). Risk factors for low bone mineral density in institutionalized individuals with developmental disabilities. Health Promotion Perspectives, 5(2), 147-152.

Nahar, V.K., Ford, M.A., Boyas, J.F., Brodell, R.T., Hutcheson, A., Davis, R.E., Beason, K.R., Bass, M.A., & Biviji-Sharma, R. (2014). Skin cancer preventative behaviors in state park workers: A pilot study. Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine, 19(6), 467-474.

Henderson M.L., Chevinsky, J., Biviji-Sharma, R., & Mills, K. (2014). Improving patient- doctor communication about risk and choice in obstetrics and gynecology through medical education: A call for action. The Journal of Clinical Ethics, 25(2), 176.

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