Research Interests

Dr. Li' research interests include semiparametric modeling, survival analysis, biomarker evaluation, and neuroimaging data analysis.

Courses Taught

  • B573 Applied Survival Data Analysis
  • B651 Introduction to Biostatistics I

Selected Publications

  1. Li, S., Sun, Y., Huang, C. Y., Follmann, D., and Krause, R. Recurrent Event Data Analysis with Intermittently Observed Time-Varying Covariates. (2016). Accepted by Statistics in Medicine. An earlier version won the ASA Biometrics Travel Award
  2. Li, S., Chen, S., Yue, C., and Caffo, B. (2016). A Parcellation Based Nonparametric Algorithm for Independent Component Analysis with Application to fMRI Data. Accepted by Frontiers in Neuroscience.
  3. Li, S. (2016). Joint Modeling of Recurrent Event Processes and Intermittently Observed Time-Varying Binary Covariate Processes. Lifetime Data Analysis, 22(1), 145-160.
  4. Li, S. and Ning, Y. (2015). Estimation of Covariate-Specific Time-Dependent ROC Curves in the Presence of Missing Biomarkers. Biometrics, 71(3), 666-76, PMID: 25891918.
  5. Wang, M-C. & Li, S. (2013). ROC Analysis for Multiple Markers with Tree-based Classification. Lifetime Data Analysis, 19(1): 79-99.
  6. Wang, M-C. & Li, S. (2012). Bivariate Markers and ROC Analysis. Biometrics. 68(4): 1207-18.
  7. Li, S., Eloyan, A., Joel, S., Mostofsky, S., Pekar, J., Spear-Bassett, S. & Caffo, B. (2012). Analysis of Group ICA-Based Connectivity Measures from fMRI: Application to Alzheimer's Disease. PLoS ONE 7(11): e49340. PMID: 23226208.