Dr. Bill Pfeifle is beginning a new chapter in his career as he joins the Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPU. He began his academic career as a result of being sent to the University of Kentucky by the U.S. Army after service in Vietnam. He taught U.S. Military and Diplomatic History in the Military Science Department in the early 1970’s. After resigning his commission in 1974, he went on to earn Masters Degrees in Higher Education Administration (MS), American History (MA), and Business Administration (MBA), and a Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) Throughout his career he has been involved in numerous educational projects within the University of Kentucky and on State, National and International levels. He served in a variety of management and leadership positions, including Program Director, Department Chair, Associate Dean, and Director of various educational support services.

Major scholarly contributions have largely focused on the development of monographs and materials designed to enhance teaching and assessment. Similar materials have been developed on management and supervision skills. Administrative issues and solution finding remain a high scholarly priority. Clinically-related activity has focused on management techniques in health services delivery in developing countries. A prominent feature in a variety of efforts relates to multi-institutional collaboration and the use of instructional technology in curriculum design and instructional approaches in professional program preparation and practical sustainability of management personnel.

He has received several service awards and been recognized twice as a distinguished author. His research interests focus on the impact of education and leadership on individual and collective behavior in the public domain. His goal is to have a meaningful, if not life-changing, impact on each and student he encounters in the course of their academic pursuits.