Product Stewardship Classes

Product Stewardship Training

Product stewardship helps businesses protect people and the environment through all stages of a product's life cycle. If you are ready to advance your career to meet the need for product stewardship professionals, we have two exciting classes you can take this fall. 

Product Hazard, Exposure & Risk Assessment

You will learn how product hazards (physical characteristics) are measured against probable and misuse exposure scenarios (inhalation, dermal, etc.) that translate into a risk assessment. You will then explore a framework (the product stewardship review) used to determine and document appropriate and effective systems for ongoing assessment and management of product and business risk. The product stewardship review framework will help you to understand the fundamentals and techniques of how to assess risk throughout the products' movement within the supply chain (product trail) to determine if appropriate stewardship systems and risk management activities are in place.

*Class held Tuesday evenings at 6pm - 8:40pm Eastern Time

Fundamentals of Product Stewardship

You will learn the elements of product stewardship and sustainability, a variety of important regulatory, customer and societal issues that may affect products and how to incorporate product stewardship and sustainability solutions into business strategy using appropriate tools, concepts and systems. The course will provide an understanding of the product supply chain (product trail), by addressing key stakeholders, the sourcing of raw materials, production, transportation and manufacturing of materials into products, and the ultimate fate (cradle to cradle or grave). You will gain a better understanding of key risks and consideration along each stage of the supply chain.

*Class held Monday evenings at 6pm - 8:40pm Eastern Time

Ready to Learn More?

Contact our product stewardship program coordinator, Lauren Teme, at or (317) 278-0321.