MBA-Master of Health Administration | Earn a Joint Degree at FSPH

MBA-MHA Dual Degree

Individuals must independently apply and be accepted into both the School of Public Health MHA program and the Kelley School of Business MBA program. Once students have been accepted into this dual degree program, they should meet with their academic advisors to plan the course sequencing. All MBA core courses must be taken as intact modules. Full-time students would typically take two MHA and two MBA courses each semester. Part-time students would take either two MHA or two MBA courses each semester. Since the MBA courses must be taken as a cohort, part-time students will need to sequence all MBA courses in a block.

Undergraduate Prerequisites

A grade of “C” or better is required for each of the pre-requisite courses listed below. Courses must be taken from an accredited institution.

  • Microeconomics course (ECON-E 201 or equivalent)
  • Accounting course (PBHL-H 200 or equivalent)
  • Statistics course (PBHL-B 300: Healthcare Statistics or equivalent)