MHA Competencies

Context of Healthcare System

  • Understand how decisions are made within the private, non-profit, and government sectors; understand connections across these sectors
  • Have a broad knowledge of legal and economic contexts for health administration


  • Develop verbal and written communication and negotiation skills
  • Understand the principles of effective management leadership
  • Develop skills in relationship/team building
  • Understand unique criteria of ethical standards and values for the profession
  • Understand the process of organizational development and change management

Decision Making (Strategic Management and Operations Management)

  • Understand the principles of effective recruitment and personnel management
  • Be able to identify the most appropriate business strategies, develop business plans around these strategies, and follow through with effective project management
  • Be sensitive to diversity in the population and its implications for health care delivery

Technical skills


  • Have a basic working knowledge of statistical analysis
  • Be able to measure and assess health status and health risks
  • Evaluate health care process improvements and performance
  • Develop analytic skills for effective decision making, including, economics and management science


  • Have a command of the basic skills of accounting and financial management (e.g., prepare and manage budgets)
  • Understand principles of sound capital investment decisions

Information Technology

  • Understand and appreciate how information technology supports business and clinical security and issues


  • Self-Assessment
  • External Measurement