MPH Biostatistics—SBS Curriculum

Full Time Schedule

Below is a sample schedule showing how you might complete the Biostatistics—SBS dual concentration MPH.

  • Sample Full Time Schedule

    Fall Year One

    • S500 Social and Behavioral Science in Public Health (3 credits)
    • B551 Biostatistics for Public Health (3 credits)
    • Core Course (3 credits)

    Spring Year One

    • Core Course (3 credits)
    • Core Course (3 credits)
    • S615 Culture and Qualitative Methods (3 credits)

    Summer Year One

    • Public Health Course (3 credits)

    Fall Year Two

    • B661 Linear Models in Public Health (3 credits)
    • S510 Methods for Research on Social and Behavioral Dimensions of Public Health (3 credits)
    • S614 Program Planning in Public Health (3 credits)

    Spring Year Two

    • B663 Applied Survival Analysis for Public Health (3 credits)
    • B664 Applied Generalized Linear Models and Longitudinal Data Analysis in Public Health (3 credits)
    • S617 Health Promotion & Disease Prevention (3 credits)

    Summer Year Two

    • P602 Internship (3 credits)
    • Public Health Course (3 credits)

    Fall Year Two

    • B662 Design and Analysis of Medical Experiments (3 credits)
    • Public Health Course (3 credits)
    • P701/P702 Biostatistics & Social and Behavioral Science Concentration Project (3 credits)