BSPH in Global Health


The Association of Environmental Health Academic Programs (AEHAP) publishes a list of potential scholarships available to students interested in pursuing careers in environmental health.

Our National Environmental Health, Science and Protection Accreditation Council (EHAC)-accredited program makes you eligible to apply for a nine-week, paid summer internship with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 


To complete this degree, you will take a combination of courses in public health, prevention strategies, global threats, sustainability and health, and preparing for and responding to emergencies

Students who are interested in this degree are encouraged to contact our office of student success at (317) 274-2000. Our advisors are here to help you. 


Upon completing this degree, you will be able to:

  • Describe a framework to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, prevent, and control environmental exposures.
  • Use analytical tools and methods to characterize and address environmental health issues.
  • Practice critical thinking to characterize and address environmental health issues.
  • Acquire experience in communicating effectively with diverse stakeholders – both written and oral, public and interpersonal, professional and technical – on environmental health issues.
  • Classify human health effects of environmental exposures.
  • Identify barriers to health equity related to environmental health.

Internships and research opportunities

Global Health majors are required to complete 240 hours of internship experience. This connects you to the community and is an excellent way to gain work experience and professional networks to launch your career.