Accelerated BSHSM–MHA

Accelerated BSHSM–MHA Program

Since its inception in 1996, the accelerated BSHSM - MHA program has recognized the potential of undergraduate students to do graduate-level work. The accelerated program allows high-performing Health Services Management majors the opportunity to earn their Master’s degree through the IU Fairbanks School of Public Health Master of Health Administration program, the only fully CAHME accredited program in the state with an expansive alumni network and over 50 years of experience educating healthcare leaders.

Why Go Accelerated?

Achieve Your Goals Faster

  • Students who complete the accelerated program are prepared to enter upper-level health administration positions faster.

Skip the GRE

  • Avoid the study time and costs associated with having to take the GRE. The GRE requirment is waived for accelerated program applicants.

Save Time and Money

  • Students who complete the accelerated program earn both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in just five years compared to the usual six. Completing both degrees in just five years saves a year of tuition.

Join the MHA Family

  • As the oldest accredited program in the state, joining the IU MHA family opens doors to relationships and opportunities that only our network of alumni can provide.

How it Works

Students complete three years of bachelor’s degree requirements. During their third year, they apply for the accelerated program. If accepted into the accelerated program, students complete their first year of MHA coursework during what would have been their fourth year of undergraduate study. That MHA coursework takes the place of their final BSHSM required courses. The student then graduates with their bachelor’s degree the summer after their first year in the MHA program.

Year OneBachelor's Degree Courses
Year TwoBachelor's Degree Courses
Year ThreeBachelor's Degree Courses
Year FourMaster's Degree Courses (take place of final BSHSM requirements)
Summer After Year FourGraduate with BSHSM Degree
Year FiveMaster's Degree Courses 

To successfully complete the accelerated program, students must not take the following courses prior to their senior year as BSHSM students:


The accelerated program is a competitive opportunity for outstanding health administration students. To be eligible to apply, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.5 and a Major GPA of 3.5
  • Completed a minimum of 60 credit hours in the IU system at the time of admission
  • Prior to the start of their senior year, the student must have all but the following classes completed for their BSHSM degree. The classes below will be replaced with MHA courses taken the first year of the MHA program/last year of the BSHSM program.

Students who meet the above criteria are not guaranteed admission. All elements of the application including letters of recommendation, GPA, resume, interview and personal statement will be taken into consideration.

When to Apply

To complete the accelerated BSHSM - MHA program, students must be admitted to the MHA program. Prospective accelerated students should follow the suggested timeline below:

Fall of Junior Year

Apply to MHA program

Spring of Junior Year

Interview for MHA program
Learn acceptance decision

Prospective accelerated students may apply for the MHA program through the final MHA application deadline date, but are strongly encouraged to submit their application prior to the priority application deadline to be considered for scholarships.

MHA Program Application Deadlines

How to Apply to the Accelerated Program

  1. Submit an IUPUI Graduate Application
    Submit your MHA application and application fee of $60
  2. Submit Your Personal Statement
    Your personal statement is an opportunity to highlight your background, experience and interests that influenced your decision to apply to the MHA program. You may also use the personal statement to explain any inconsistencies in other components of the application. Generally, personal statements are around 500 words. Submit your personal statement via email to Sarah Cadwell,
  3. Submit Your Resume
    Your resume should demonstrate evidence of your leadership and professional experience. Include all of your volunteer and work experience. Submit your personal statement via email to Sarah Cadwell,
  4. Request Three Letters of Recommendation
    These letters should come from professional sources that can provide an unbiased critical assessment of your abilities, skills, strengths and weaknesses. Examples of professional and academic sources include professors, immediate supervisors, and advisors. Examples of sources that are not acceptable include coworkers, colleagues, classmates, and relatives. Instruct your letter of recommendation writers to submit their completed letters via email to Sarah Cadwell,
  5. Interview
    Once your application has been received, you will be contacted regarding the interview process, if applicable.

Begin Planning Early

Prospective accelerated program students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor early to begin planning.