Alumni Board Nomination

Adopted September 9, 2019


The Alumni Association of the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health ("Association") exists to lend continuing support to the graduate and undergraduate programs in public health and the graduate and undergraduate programs in health administration (collectively,
"Programs") so that the members may be able to further the educational, social, and charitable interests of the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health ("School") and alumni, individually and collectively.
Executive Board Make Up
A. Membership: The Executive Board shall be comprised of:
a. three officers. The President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer
b. ex-officio members without a vote. These ex-officio members are the Dean of the School, the School’s development officer(s), any faculty or staff designated by the Dean and a designated member of the Indiana University Alumni Association Staff.
c. Between five (5) and 15 members who are not officers and are considered At-Large Members.
B. Selection of Executive Board Members
a. At-Large Members will be appointed by the Executive Board needing a simple majority (50%+1) vote of approval
b. Officers shall be elected through a simple majority vote by the current members of the Executive Board
c. All selections for Officers and At-Large Members will take place at the last Executive Board meeting prior to July 1
d. Officers and At-Large members will begin their term on July 1
C. Terms
a. At-Large members:
i. Shall serve three year terms with the option to renew for up to one term for a total of six consecutive years on the board. Unless appointed mid-year due to a vacancy. Their three year term will not start until the following July 1.
ii. Upon the completion of two consecutive terms the At-Large Members must sit out one year before they can reapply for the Board.
iii. There is no maximum on the number of times a Member can reapply to be an At-Large Member
b. Officers:
i. Shall serve for a two-year term. This two-year term supersedes any At-Large Member term limits.
ii. Can serve for up to two consecutive terms (four years).
iii. At the competition of their officer term the Officer has the option to serve for up to one term (three years) as an At-Large member prior to having to sit out of the Board for one year.
Executive Board Officers
The Executive Board of the Community shall be the President, Vice President and
Secretary/Treasurer and At-Larger Members.
The responsibilities of these position should align with the job descriptions created by IUAA.
Committees shall be appointed at the discretion of the Executive Board Officers. Committees will consist of one Committee Head who is selected from the At-Large Board Members, an appropriate number of committee members and one ex-officio member of the Executive Board. Committees should align with current goals of the board and the charter community requirements of IUAA.
Executive Board Meetings
A. The Executive Board will meet, at minimum, quarterly.
B. Board members may participate via phone or video call if necessary for them at attend. These members are consider present and are able to vote.
C. All voting decisions are made by a simple majority (50%+1) vote of those present.
D. All meetings of the Executive Board shall strive to adhere to the most current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.