Fall Open House

Friday, October 13, 2017

12:45 PM


Join us a Fall Open House and get a taste of what it means to live the Jaguar Life at the Faribanks School of Public Health!

Your Titanic Survival Guide

It is known that survival on the titanic was not easy. Said to be an unsinkable ship, the crew was not adequately prepared, there were not enough lifeboats for everyone onboard. In fact, of an estimated 2224 individuals on board, over 1500 did not survive. We will try to understand what characteristics (age, class in society, ticket fare, number of siblings and parents) increased or decreased the likelihood of being among the few survivors. By the end of this class, we will have a better view of whether the statement, "women and children first" holds up upon a closer look at an actual sample of the data.

Taught by: Dr. Spencer Lourens

Offered at: 12:45-1:45pm and again from 1:45-2:45pm