Tamara Hervey Talk

Friday, November 13, 2015

9:00 AM10:00 AM


Join us for this fascinating talk by Tamara Hervey, PhD, the Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Law at the University of Sheeld School of Law in the UK. Dr. Hervey will explore how the European Union’s concern with free trade and creation of global markets is seen as being in opposition with values of public health, such as equity, and how this focus can have highly negative public health eects. Consider the Nestle baby formula marketing strategy to find an example where the access of Western companies to markets in developing economies had significant negative effects on the health of millions of babies, through water-based diseases and worse nutrition than breast milk. Dr. Hervey’s presentation will acknowledge there is some force in this analysis of the EU’s contributions to global public health, as well as detail a number of important exceptions and consider the potential for the EU to be a site for future positive contributions to global health agendas.

Dr. Hervey holds a PhD from the University of Sheeld. She held academic posts at Durham, Manchester and Nottingham Law Schools before joining Sheeld in 2007.

We are grateful to the IU Oce of the Vice President for International Aairs (OVPIA) and the IU McKinney School of Law for providing financial support for Professor Hervey's visit.