Dr. Greg Steele Talks Ebola With Fox 59 News

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – With the news Wednesday that a second healthcare worker in Dallas has been diagnosed with Ebola, there are new questions over whether hospitals across the country are prepared.

FOX 59’s Aishah Hasnie gave us a tour of Hancock Regional Hospital on Wednesday, where new screening procedures are in place.

The word from emergency preparedness officials in Indianapolis is that facilities here are ready, but a public health professor said the Dallas cases should have everyone on their toes.

Now, two nurses that cared for patient Thomas Eric Duncan have Ebola. Medical professionals are on the front lines in this fight.

“They’ve pointed out some lapses, some places where we want to beef up our preparedness,” said Dr. Greg Steele, an epidemiologist at IUPUI’s Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health.

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