Dr. Dennis Watson Receives NIDA Grant Award

FSPH faculty member Dennis Watson has recieved a NIDA grant to pilot test an e-learning strategy for housing first implementation. 

The aims of the project are:

  • AIM 1: Adaptation of the existing HFTTA to an online platform. Working with consultants from IUPUI’s Center for Teaching and Learning, we will use HFM fidelity measures and developing theories regarding e-learning to guide adaptation of the training to an online platform. We will also conduct an alpha test of the training component HFTTA with a small number of providers. Findings related to the alpha test will assist us in making refinements to the HFTTA before deploying it as an implementation strategy in a “real-world” setting.
  • AIM 2: Develop an instrument to measure structural-level factors affecting HFM implementation. The need for such a measure is particularly important for complex interventions such as the HFM. We will develop this instrument through a literature review of implementation barriers and an analysis of interviews with HFM staff. Researchers will work with Heartland staff to assure construct validity of the measure, and will utilize pilot data to begin investigating its reliability.
  • AIM 3: Conduct a pilot to assess the feasibility for an R01 study. We will conduct a pilot study to assess (a) the feasibility of the adapted HFTTA and (b) the research instruments and protocols for the larger R01. We will employ a mixed methods quasi-experimental design to collect data related to the implementation process and training and implementation outcomes.