Haleigh Kampman

Haleigh Kampman

For Haleigh Kampman, the location of IUPUI’s campus has been one of the most important parts of her education.

Originally from northern Indiana, Kampman is a second-year MPH student studying epidemiology. She is also the microbiology supervisor at the Indiana Department of Health Laboratories. Kampman thinks working downtown has provided new opportunities for personal growth and networking.

“In downtown Indianapolis, students are able to participate in different levels of public health,” she said. “They can work with state and local partners, who also have close collaborations with federal agencies.”

Kampman also spent six months interning as a hepatitis c and healthcare-acquired infections epidemiologist. She did case investigations in response to the recent HIV outbreak in Scott County. For Kampman, working in public health means “improving the ways people live and interact with one another at a population level.”

Secretary for the MPH student government, Kampman is focused on creating opportunities for students to connect with their peers, providing an environment for collaboration and striving to improve the MPH program. She is also a graduate student ambassador and a member of the Public Health Corp. Kampman doesn’t have a favorite class, but thinks every public health class has a way of “tying all of the pieces together to accomplish the goal of public health.”

“My favorite experience studying public health at IUPUI has been my peers and professors in the program,” she said. “All of the professors have encouraged me to do my best and want to see their students succeed. Also, nearly all of my professors have had some great stories to tell from their experience in public health.”

When asked what Kampman wishes other people knew about public health, she said, “It’s everywhere around you. Any and every decision you make on a daily basis has some sort of public health basis. We need highly motivated individuals to push for the changes needed in today’s society.”