Public Health Practice

What Is Public Health Practice?

Public health practice combines scholarship, theory, and evidence-based best practices to solve real-world problems. Practitioners work in government agencies, as policy makers, and with community stakeholders, advocacy organizations, NGOs, and the healthcare industry to improve the health of all populations.

Public health practice implements strategic interventions, develops new policies and systems, and makes changes to the existing environment to improve the well-being and quality of health for all people in equitable, innovative, scientific, sensitive, and culturally competent ways.

Whether you are a student, a longtime public health professional, or someone with an interest in a healthier Indiana, we have a place for you.

Center for Public Health Practice

The Center for Public Health Practice supports excellence in public health practice by:

  • Increasing local public health value in Indiana through public health accreditation preparedness.
  • Providing technical assistance to local health departments around community-identified public health needs.
  • Enhancing workforce capacity building through authentic community-centered learning opportunities for public health students.
  • Supporting the Indiana Public Health Practice Council, an inclusive statewide group that brings together representatives from state universities, associations, public health practice, and policy-making bodies.
Center for Public Health Practice


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