Center for Public Health Practice

Center for Public Health Practice

The Center for Public Health Practice was established in 2014 and its mission is to support excellence in public health practice.

The Center for Public Health Practice helps practioners by:

  • Increasing local public health value in Indiana through public health accreditation preparedness.
  • Providing technical assistance to local health departments around community-identified public health needs.
  • Enhancing workforce capacity building through authentic community-centered learning opportunities for public health students.
  • Supporting the Indiana Public Health Practice Council, an inclusive statewide group that brings together representatives from state universities, associations, public health practice, and policy-making bodies.

Filling the Gap

The Center for Public Health Practice fills a critical void in public health funding and capacity in the state by providing these services. In 2016, Indiana was ranked 49th nationally in the America’s Health Rankings for public health funding available in the state. Public health funding allows states to proactively implement preventive and educational programs for improving health contributing to decreased mortality from preventable causes of death such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.


In 2015, 33 counties in Indiana requested technical assistance and consulting services from the Center for Public Health Practice.

Center for Public Health Practice Projects