Local Health Department ECHO

Local Health Department ECHO

The LHD ECHO sessions are designed to identify ways to increase the impact of your work while building your network with staff at other LHDs in Indiana.

Training topics will focus on epidemiology and infection prevention. This program is designed to be relevant and flexible to your schedule.

Why join the LHD ECHO?

We want to hear your voice. Share your community’s public health priorities and help other LHDs achieve their public health goals. Gain important training in epidemiology and new ideas for how to deal with specialty cases (e.g. TB, syphilis). Learn tangible steps from your LHD peers to improve your county's responses to the urgent and complex needs of your community.

ECHO is here to be relevant and not waste your time. Invite any staff from your LHD to join the sessions that are most useful to their work and to your community. By participating in ECHO, your staff can receive a certificate from the IUPUI ECHO Center.

Program background

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) created the Project Firstline Curriculum to focus on infection prevention and control (IPC) training. The CDC directed states to share this curriculum with all local health departments.

The Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) partnered with the IUPUI ECHO Center to create the LHD ECHO program that provides the required Project Firstline Training in a way that is relevant, timely, and meets your needs.

To learn more

For more information, contact our program management specialist: Caroline Kryder-Reid ckryderr@iu.edu

Curriculum topics covered

DateDidactic Topic
02/02/2022The Concept of Infection Control + Introductions
02/09/2022The Basic Science of Viruses + How Viruses Spread from Surfaces to People
02/16/2022Addressing Staff Burnout
02/23/2022How Respiratory Droplets Spread + How COVID-19 Spreads
03/02/2022Multi-Dose Vials
03/09/2022PPE Part III + Mask Type/Effectiveness Discussion
03/16/2022Hand Hygiene + Environmental Cleaning & Disinfecting
03/23/2022Virus Strains + Asymptomatic Spread of COVID-19
03/30/2022PPE Parts I & II
04/06/2022Infection Prevention 101 + Syphilis
04/13/2022Fundamental Principles of Epidemiology & Applications in Public Health at the Local Level
04/20/2022Source Control + Community Stories
04/27/2022Tuberculosis + Data Interpretation & Summary Statistics
05/04/2022Epidemiology for Outbreak Investigations & Ruling Out Confounding Instances
05/11/2022How to Calculate, Interpret, and Share Meaningful Results
05/18/2022HCV + Moving Forward with Project First Line