IN-Hepatitis Academic Mentorship Program


Next Cycle 1 training session: Thursday, March 21, 2024

The IN-HAMP will feature two full days of training & medical education for clinicians & healthcare professionals who are new to treating hepatitis C. The program will also include two 1.5-hour-long Hepatitis C ECHO sessions.

Register for IN-HAMP

If you attended an IN-HAMP Cycle 1 training and are interested in joining the Cycle 2 training, please email Jenna Watkins at to register and for more information.

The four components of IN-HAMP:

  1. Cycle 1: A full day of training and medical education after which participants will have the resources and support to immediately begin treating patients for HCV. 
  2. Cycle 2: A second day of training with advanced topics which occurs > 6 months after cycle 1. 
  3. Real-time & individualized HCV mentorship with specialists in hepatology, pharmacology, internal medicine, primary care, social work, and linkage to care. 
  4. Ongoing continuing education in connection with the Hepatitis C ECHO. 

All clinical providers and members of the healthcare team are invited to participate in the program. 

No-cost specialty continuing education credits are available for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and social workers with the Indiana University School of Medicine Division of Continuing Education in Healthcare Professions. 

The IN-HAMP will include individual and real-time HCV mentorship with specialists in hepatology, internal medicine, pharmacology, and social work. All clinical providers treating patients living with HCV will be invited to participate in both full days of training (Cycle 1 & Cycle 2) and both HCV ECHO sessions.

Program Outlook

cycle 1 to cycle 2 training outlook


For more assistance and more information, please contact us: 

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Cycle 1 Agenda

Welcome & Introduction; Indiana HCV Epidemiologic Profile
Screening & Evaluation of Potential HCV Infection
The New Era of Direct-Acting Antiviral Treatments
Medication Access: What You Need To Know
Manifestations of Viral Hepatitis B & C in Pregnancy (HCV ECHO)
A Focus on Infants & Children: The Latest Treatment Updates
Using REDCap Overview
Caring for People with High-Risk HCV & Linkage to Care
Connecting to National Harm Reduction & HCV Elimination Efforts
Staging Liver Disease in People Living with HCV
Next Steps: Getting Started with Treatment with IN-HAMP Mentorship Support

Resources will be available on Canvas. Please reach out to Jenna Watkins: for help accessing the site.

Our goals

  1. Educate and train healthcare professionals to screen, diagnose, treat, and follow up with patients living with hepatitis C.
  2. Improve individuals' health in communities across Indiana, especially amongst minority and underserved populations.
  3. Collaborate with experts and learners in healthcare and public health spaces to share best practices, provide resources, and champion health equity. 
  4. Advocate for hepatitis C elimination through training and education with a broad range of care collaborations.
  5. Empower learners to discuss what they know and what they don't know, bridge the knowledge gap, and share in a safe environment amongst peers.

REDCap help

If people have questions about using REDCap, please contact, Andrea Calkins: or Adam Baus: 


The Indiana Hepatitis Academic Mentorship Program is hosted by the IUI ECHO Center in partnership with US-HAMP, the Indiana Department of Health, and the Midwest AIDS Training + Education Center (MATEC Indiana). IN HAMP is sponsored by AbbVie and Gilead.