Poverty Simulation

Participate in a poverty simulation

Could you survive a month in poverty?

In 2016, 14 percent of people in Indiana lived in poverty. Of children under the age of 18, 19 percent in Indiana live in poverty. Many more have incomes above the poverty line, but their incomes are still low enough to qualify for programs like food stamps and Medicaid.

It can be difficult for those of us who have enough to truly understand the situations that people and families living in poverty experience every day. That is why we invite you to walk a mile in their shoes by participating in the next poverty simulation. 

What is a poverty simulation?

In this unique, eye-opening experience, participants will be given a hypothetical challenge to work through as a group. It will include a family, resources, expenses, and unforeseen obstacles to overcome. We have volunteers playing several roles to make this experience as realistic as possible.

Why have a poverty simulation?

In 2017, 39.7 million people in the U.S. were living in poverty according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Poverty simulations give participants more insight into the decisions those in poverty have to make on a daily basis, and the fears and frustrations they feel.

How can a simulation help?

By understanding the challenges faced by those in poverty, we have a chance at providing effective solutions for reducing poverty.

We need volunteers

We are still looking for several volunteers to act as community agencies as part of the simulation. Please email Andrea Janota at ajanota@iu.edu if you are interested in volunteering!

We will provide a brief training orientation, all the materials you'll need, and lunch at no cost to our volunteers.

If you are unable to volunteer this time and would be interested in volunteering for the next simulation, please email Marcie Memmer at mlmemmer@iu.edu.

Resource bags

Resource bags will be provided to all attendees and will include information regarding campus and community services available to a person in need of assistance AND to offer information about volunteer opportunities.

If you would like to add an item regarding your office and/or services to the resource bag, please contact Andrea Janota to arrange a pick-up.