Global Health

Recent Publications

Faculty in the Department of Global Health identify trends and provide valuable insight into environmental public health, including worker safety, occupational exposure assessment, water and air quality, and enviromental risk factors at the population level.

Emily Q. Ahonen, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor

Emily Ahonen has focused on worker, environmental, and social justice as they interact with health and well-being. She also evaluates interventions, both to understand processes and to demonstrate outcomes in a variety of public health challenges.

Dr. Ahonen's Profile

Injury at Work and Migrant Workers: A Priority for a Global Agenda in Occupational Health

Evaluating Goals in Worker Health Protection Using a Participatory Design and an Evaluation Checklist

Suzanne Babich, DrPH, MS

Professor, Associate Dean of Global Health, Environmental Health Science Acting Chair

Dr. Babich's professional interests include healthcare leadership and the science and practice of people-centered health systems. She has extensive experience in online education and competency based curricula.

Max Jacobo Moreno, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Moreno’s research focuses on the application of remote sensing technology to public health problems, working to understand the environmental determinants of vector transmitted and neglected diseases, and the study of the relationship between surface water quality and land use.

Dr. Moreno's Profile

Factors of Concern Regarding Zika and Other Aedes aegypti-Transmitted Viruses in the United States

Using remote sensing to monitor the influence of river discharge on watershed outlets and adjacent coral Reefs: Magdalena River and Rosario Islands, Colombia

Correlating Remote Sensing Data with the Abundance of Pupae of the Dengue Virus Mosquito Vector, Aedes aegypti, in Central Mexico

Shahid Parvez, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Parvez's research has focused on the prenatal exposure of drinking water disinfectant byproducts mixtures and pesticides and their association to reproductive and developmental health effects, including pregnancy length, preterm, and low birthweight.

Dr. Parvez's Profile

Evaluation of Drinking Water Disinfectant Byproducts Compliance Data as an Indirect Measure for Short-Term Exposure in Humans

Sensitivity Analysis Approaches for Toxicity Equivalence of Dioxins Like Compounds in Dietary Intake in United States