Health Policy & Management

Recent Publications

HPM research generally examines one or more aspects of the US healthcare system with the goal of characterizing a problem, testing a solution, or determining ways to improve health, reduce costs, and/or improve quality of care. Below is a description of individuals' interests with links to our published work.

Justin Blackburn, PhD

Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management PhD Program Director

Dr. Blackburn's research primarily involves leveraging large administrative data sets to evaluate public health policy and outcomes. He is a frequent collaborator with state and local public health agencies, and has applied methodologically innovative approaches to evaluate important public health topics.

Marion S. Greene, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor

Marion Greene’s research interests include policy impact on trends in opioid use; progression from prescription opioids to heroin; identification of chronic pain patients as high-risk / algorithm or risk-score development in electronic health records (e.g., INSPECT); and implementation of medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorders.

Ann M. Holmes, PhD

Associate Professor

Dr. Holmes' teaching and research interests center on the financing and delivery of health care, particularly to chronically ill populations, and the measurement of health status for economic and health policy evaluation.

Stephen Jay, MD

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Jay’s collaborative research focuses on self monitored blood pressure (SMBP) and seeks to increase adoption and use of SMBP in the U.S., addressing one of the major causes of premature morbidly, mortality and health and related costs in America. His other collaborative research involves determining whether contingency management is effective. Also, tobacco related research into the impact on hospital 30-day readmission rates of continued smoking after admission for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Other collaboration with Purdue University Climate Research Center involves researching the health and environmental impacts of global warming and climate change on Indiana. 

Olena Mazurenko, MD, PhD, MS

Associate Professor

Dr. Mazurenko’s research examines patient experiences in various healthcare settings, such as patient-centered medical home or hospital. Additionally, her research analyzes the population of clinical professionals who received their training overseas but currently practice in the United States, i.e. International Medical Graduates (IMG) and Foreign Educated Nurses (FEN).

Nir Menachemi, PhD, MPH

Fairbanks Endowed Chair, Professor, Health Policy and Management Department Chair

Dr. Menachemi’s research examines how organizational strategies impact critical performance measures, including quality outcomes and financial performance. In addition, he has published extensively on health policy and public health topics ranging from obesity issues to the impact of various laws or policies on health outcomes.

Ashley Robertson, PhD, JD

Assistant Professor

Ross D. Silverman, JD, MPH


Professor Silverman’s research interests include legal, ethical and policy issues in public health and medicine, mobile health law and policy, interdisciplinary curriculum development, professional school admissions, medical humanities, human rights, and patient safety.

Cynthia Stone, DrPH, MSN, RN


Dr. Stone’s research interests include health impact assessment for political and project decision making.  She is also interested in community health needs assessment for health department accreditation and hospital population health intervention planning.

Joshua R. Vest, PhD, MPH

Professor, Director for the Center for Health Policy

Dr. Joshua Vest is a health services researcher with an area of interest in the organizational determinants and effectiveness of health information technology and systems. Most of his work is focused on the adoption, utilization, and policy issues of technologies that facilitate the sharing of patient information between different organizations (referred to as health information exchange).

Valerie A. Yeager, DrPH

Associate Professor

Dr. Yeager’s research applies a health services research perspective to various settings and issues ranging from public health departments to physician practices and from access to care to quality improvement. Much of her work is conducted at the system or organizational level and is part of a nationally growing area of research called public health systems and services research (PHSSR).