Social & Behavioral Sciences

Recent Publications

Faculty in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences are focused on health disparities and behaviors, including psychological stress experienced by different populations, chronic disease health disparities in minorities, socio-structural determinants of health behaviors, chronic disease prevention in underserved populations, homelessness, and the conditions which contribute to health and illness.

Sula Hood, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Hood’s research has a strong emphasis on addressing chronic disease health disparities in ethnic minority and underserved populations. In particular, her research seeks to identify mechanisms and develop culturally appropriate approaches to increase social support and health communication as critical strategies for promoting chronic disease prevention, coping, and self-management.

Dr. Hood's Profile

Organizational-level Recruitment of Barbershops as Intervention Study Sites: Health Promotion among Black Men

Using the PRECEDE Planning Approach to Develop a Physical Activity Intervention for African American Men Who Visit Barbershops: Results from the FITShop Study

Discussing Cancer: Communication with African Americans

Tamara Leech, PhD

Associate Professor

Dr. Leeche's research focuses on the socio-structural determinants of health behaviors among black adolescents. More specifically, she is interested in examining the race, gender, and neighborhood context of violence and risky sexual behaviors. Much of her research focuses on integrating Community Based Participatory Research methods into quantitative analyses of health disparities.

Dr. Leech's Profile

"Because I Don’t Know": Uncertainty and Ambiguity in Closed-ended Reports of Perceived Discrimination in US Health Care

Inequitable Chronic Lead Exposure: A Dual Legacy of Social and Environmental Injustice

Beyond Collective Supervision: Informal Social Control, Prosocial Investment, and Juvenile Offending in Urban Neighborhoods