Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is being invited to participate?

    All full-time employees of Indiana University at all locations across the state, approximately 17,000 people, are being invited to participate. You are invited to participate in the IU Workplace Health & Wellness Survey because you are a full-time employee of Indiana University.

  • What is the purpose of the survey?

    The first IU Workplace Health and Wellness Survey was conducted in 2013. From the thousands of employees who participated, we learned much about the health of our IU community, and healthy changes were set in motion. We want to see what the impact has been so far. Are we healthier? Has IU made it easier for employees to make the healthy choices they told us they want to make? We are repeating the survey now, two years later, to check our progress.

    The goals of the survey are to: 1) understand how well our IU workplaces are supporting the health of employees, 2) identify the health advantages and challenges of our university community, 3) gauge the impact of organizational changes that have occurred so far regarding health and wellness, and 4) guide future recommendations for a healthier IU. We are interested in the health of our work community on the whole, and not in any one person’s health.

  • What does participating in the survey involve?

    Your participation will involve answering a series of questions about support for health in your IU workplace as well as measures of your health and wellness. Most of the questions in the survey are questions that have been used extensively throughout the U.S. in health surveys. The survey may be completed either by computer using an online survey link or by paper copy. We estimate that it will take about 15 minutes to complete the survey. You may complete the survey during work hours, so long as you can do so without compromising your job duties, but you will not be paid otherwise to participate in the study. If you prefer, you also can complete the survey from home.

  • Is your participation voluntary?

    Absolutely, your participation is voluntary. Also, you may choose to skip any question in the survey that you do not wish to answer, or to discontinue the survey at any time. Whether or not you participate in the survey or choose to stop the survey early will not affect your current or future relations with Indiana University.

  • Will your answers to the survey be confidential?

    Yes, your answers will be confidential and anonymous. No names or personal identifiers will be collected during the survey. Neither your name or email address will be linked to your survey responses, so not even the research team will know your identity. Even so, all survey responses will be maintained in a secure manner. Only the study team will have access to the results in electronic files, and these electronic files will be stored on secure, password-protected file servers. Results released publicly will provide only group level results.

    The study team obtained the name, e-mail address, and work addresses of full-time employees of Indiana University for the sole purpose of extending the invitation to participate. To ensure equal opportunity for all employees to participate, some groups of employees that may not use computers routinely at work will receive items by campus mail to their work address. Pre-addressed, postage-paid envelopes will be provided for return directly to the study team. Participation online or by mail is both confidential and anonymous.

  • Will your answers to the survey affect your health insurance benefits?

    Your responses to the survey will not affect your IU health insurance benefits or premiums in any way. No individuals are identified, so the study team will not know your identity or whether or not you are enrolled in one of the university’s health plans.

  • Will results of the survey be shared with IU employees?

    After the results are compiled, these results will be shared with employees throughout the IU community in a number of ways. The survey website will serve as our main employee gateway to survey-related resources, documents, and results. 

  • Who is conducting the survey?

    This survey is being conducted by a survey team, led by Dr. Gregory Steele and Dr. Lisa Staten of the Indiana University Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI. This team is responsible for the design, collection, analysis, and reporting of results. Only this team will have access to individual, anonymous responses, and this team will be solely responsible for analysis and interpretation of results.

  • Who is funding the survey?

    Funding for this survey is provided by Healthy IU, a department of Indiana University that empowers, educates, and offers environmental tools to encourage members of the IU community to live their best life. No one from this office will be involved in the collection or analysis of survey results. However a compiled summary of survey results will be provided to Healthy IU as a measure of where we stand now, a gauge of change since the 2013 survey, and a guide regarding ways in which we can continue to become a healthier workplace.

  • Who can you contact for questions or concerns?

    If you have any questions or concerns about this survey, you may contact leaders of the survey team in the IU Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI: Dr. Gregory Steele or Dr. Lisa Staten [BHealthy@iupui.edu or 317.274.3830]. 

  • Will my participation in this survey help me personally to become healthier?

    Maybe…and maybe not. The results and recommendations that come from this survey will be provided to university leaders charged with Worksite Wellness. Changes at your specific workplace, such as offering healthier choices in vending machines or offering onsite stress management classes, might help you, over time, to become healthier.

  • Does this survey have anything to do with my health benefits?

    No. This survey is not connected to your health benefits in any way. In fact, we really want to learn about the health of all our employees, even those who aren’t enrolled in IU’s health benefits plan.

  • How is this survey different from a Health Risk Assessment (HRA)?

    Health Risk Assessments ask individuals specific questions about their health and often collect results from a brief physical examination. This information is then used to provide individualized feedback to each person about their health and ways they can improve their health. The IU Workplace Health & Wellness Survey does not collect a participant’s name or identity, so no individual health assessment or feedback will be provided. The purpose of this survey is to look at the health of IU employees on the whole, and to assess the supportiveness of our IU workplaces for health.

  • I am an IU employee, but I work in an IU Health facility. Should I participate in the survey?

    Yes, please do. We welcome your participation as a full-time employee of Indiana University - wherever your “workplace” may be. IU consists of many different workplaces with varying environmental supports to health, and this is a challenge. However, we’d like to hear from everyone.