The IU Workplace Health & Wellness Survey, 2015

CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard

Now that the survey results are in, Wellness Committees on each campus are also using the CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard to prioritize campus-specific strategies for action. 

For an overview and demonstration of the CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard, check out this slide presentation prepared by the CDC.

Healthy IU: Your Worksite Wellness Program

Interested in learning more about what’s available on your campus to support health? Click on your campus photo from the home page.

Healthy IU

National Healthy Worksite Program

Want to learn more about this national program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention? Want to learn more about a comprehensive approach to worksite health?

CDC Healthy Worksite Program

County Health Rankings

While your health is influenced by your Indiana University workplace, it’s also influenced by where you live. Interested in seeing how residents of your county compare to others on health and health-related factors?

County Health Rankings