Research Interests

  • Population Health Systems and Services, including community health needs assessment, implementation strategy, and community benefit.
  • Public Health Systems and Services, including community health assessment and community health improvement planning.
  • Health Information Systems, including development of measures of community health and social determinants of health.

Selected Publications

Dixon B.E., J. Zou, K.F. Comer, M. Rosenman, J.L. Craig, P. Gibson. “Using electronic health record data to improve community health assessment,” Front Public Health Serv Sys Res 2016; 5(5):50–6. DOI:

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Comer, K.F., M. Rosenman, J. Gibson, and B.E. Dixon. “Feasibility of Using Geocoded Electronic Health Records for Community Health Assessment”. Proceedings of the 142nd Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American Public Health Association (APHA). New Orleans, Louisiana. November 2014.

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Staten, L.K., T. Weathers, K.F. Comer, J. Colbert, M. Rosenman, and C. Mushi-Brunt. “Using social determinants of health to visualize comparative “lived experience” in urban neighborhoods” (Poster). Proceedings of the 142nd Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American Public Health Association, New Orleans, Louisiana, November 2014.

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