General Education Courses

Public Health General Education Courses

Introduction to Biostatistics (PBHL-B300)
This course introduces the basic principles and methods of data analysis in public health biostatistics. Emphasis is placed on public health examples and they relate to concepts such as sampling, study design, descriptive statistics, probability, statistical distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, chi-square tests, t-tests, analysis of variance, linear regression, and correlation.

Introduction to Public Health (PBHL-E109)
Introduction to public health using local case studies. Well-being, illness, injury, education, violence, housing, work, cultural and neighborhood variability will be examined to demonstrate the public health perspective on any situation and to see how the state of health in our city connects to the nation and the world.

Introduction to Community Health (PBHL-S120)
This course offers students a basic introduction to community health. The class will present health issues with a focus on a community, not individual perspective; as a result, students will learn about community and public health approaches to health assessment, health promotion and disease prevention.

Influencing the Public's Health (PBHL-H101)
This course exposes students to the role of policy in influencing the health of human populations in our work, civil society and our own lives. Students from all disciplines will benefit  from exploring empirical patterns and historical contexts that influence health policy decisions for our country's complex healthcare and public health systems.

Navigating the Maze to Healthy Living (PBHL-S220)
This course provides students with knowledge and understanding of factors influencing personal health, lifestyle and behaviors, and media and technology's role in health promotion and disease prevention. The course emphasizes decision making as a consumer of health and health care services and the connections to population health.

Zombie Apocalypse and Doomsday Infections (PBHL-E210)
The focus is infectious diseases and the possibility of a zombie infection. We will discuss infections that have changed the course of history. Included topics are: disease transmission, outbreak investigations, control measures, assessment, and field investigations. Case studies on respiratory infections, diarrheal diseases, emerging infectious diseases, HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis, STDs, and hepatitis.

Environment & Human Health (PBHL-A115)
Environment - where people live, work, play - has a profound impact on human health and wellbeing. Through case-based learning, we will examine contemporary and emerging global environmental issues, their links to human health effects, and ways to solve these problems. We will explore future approaches to making environments sustainable and health-promoting.

Regional Cultures & Mortality (PBHL-A120)
In the United States we don't have one culture. We have regional cultures which influence our environment and health. Students of all majors can learn about mortality patterns in different cultural regions of the country, and learn to use concept maps to understand cultural influences on those patterns in death.