Internship Interview Day

Health Services Management Internship Interview Day

Every fall and spring, the Health Services Management program invites internship sites to participate in Internship Interview Day. The event provides health care organizations and nonprofits the opportunity to interview top internship candidates all in one place at one time.  

How it works

  • Sign-up to attend the next Internship Interview Day by submitting an internship description.  
  • Receive a resume book of internship candidates.
  • Select 5-6 candidates to interview on Internship Interview Day.
  • Attend Internship Interview Day (in-person or virtually), interview candidates, and rank top candidates.
  • The Health Services Management program will announce internship matches based on organization rankings and student rankings.
  • Meet with your new intern(s) and set a start date!  

  • A list of internship opportunities will be released in PBHL-H379: Career Preparation in Health Services Management. You will rank the internships you are most interested in.  
  • Your resume will be sent to each site you are interested in. Internship sites will select who they would like to interview.
  • You will receive an interview schedule.  
  • Attend Internship Interview Day and conduct your interviews.  
  • Rank the internship sites you are most interested in after interviewing with them.  
  • The Health Services Management program will announce internship matches based on organization rankings and student rankings  
  • Meet with your new internship site and set a start date!  

"Amazing, well-prepared, and professional candidates!" –Emily Overman, Together Homecare

Recruit your next intern at Internship Interview Day

If your organization is interested in recruiting an intern or interns from the Health Services Management program, please fill out this short form and a member of the Internship Interview Day team will reach out to you with more details.  

Recruit for Spring 2023 (Jan-May): Friday, September 30th
Recruit for Fall 2023 (Aug-Dec): Friday, April 21st

Recruit an intern