The Public Health Corps

The Public Health Corps

The Public Health Corps is a volunteer program that offers students community service opportunities in which they can apply classroom learning to diverse, real-world public health activities. Students have the opportunity to complete short-term assignments at the request of our practice partners.

The program allows students to:

  • Work with public health practitioners and administrators
  • Increase the capacity of public health agencies to complete activities
  • Explore potential employment settings
  • Increase skills to practice public health
  • Serve the community through meaningful action


Current undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral public health students in good academic standing can join the Public Health Corps.

Student Commitment

  • Make a commitment to the program for one academic year at minimum
  • Complete a program orientation
  • Complete at least 5-10 hours of public health community service
  • Call or meet with the community partner  
  • Track the number of hours worked
  • Complete all online evaluation forms 
  • Be a positive representative of the Fairbanks School of Public Health
  • Abide by the IU Student Code of Conduct while on a Corps assignment.

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Community Partner Commitment

  • Provide a short-term (5 to 40 hours) public health related activity or event
  • Provide a project that helps the student build specialized and strategic skills in public health
  • Talk or meet with the student before the activity
  • Provide supervision and support to the student throughout the duration of the activity
  • Provide a safe environment for IUPUI students
  • Complete all online evaluations forms

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Have questions or need more information? Contact the Center for Public Health Practice Director, Marcie Memmer, at or by phone (317) 274-2185.