Thomas Duszynski has worked in public health for 17 years and started his career as an environmental inspector for a local health department. He has worked for several local health departments including serving as Environmental Supervisor which entailed overseeing a wastewater division, environmental program, and water quality laboratory. He has served as a field epidemiologist for Public Health Preparedness District 2, for the Indiana State Department of Health in northern Indiana for a year and a half and lead investigations in numerous disease outbreaks. In August 2005 he was named director of the field epidemiology program at the Indiana State Department of Health. Named incident commander for all public health emergencies for the state.

Research Interests

Thomas Duszynski’s research interests include infectious diseases and how they continue to shape the world and public health’s response.  This coupled with the rise of antimicrobial resistance and the resurgence of vaccine preventable diseases.  In addition, Thomas is interested in engaging students to develop strong epidemiological skills to address these and other challenges to ensure a competent public health workforce. 

Courses Taught

  • E109 Introduction to Public Health
  • E210 Zombie Apocalypse and Other Doomsday Infections
  • E310 Chasing Disease: Field Epidemiology
  • E517 Introduction to Epidemiology
  • E650 Readings Course (Infectious Disease)
  • E651 Public Health Surveillance
  • E711 Applied Epidemiological Methods I
  • E712 Applied Epidemiological Methods II