Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Create a Distinctive Identity as a Leader in Public Health Innovation

In 2014, the Fairbanks School of Public Health gathered together to create a three-year strategic plan. This plan focused on creating a distinctive identity as a leader in public health innovation in Indiana and beyond. 

Deliver a Portfolio of Outstanding Educational Programs

  • Prepare Students for Evolving Public Health and Health Care Fields
  • Define and Implement Signature Programs
  • Increase Public Health Courses Taken by All IUPUI Students
  • Implement and Disseminate Innovative Ed Delivery Methods
  • Carry Out Ongoing Curriculum Review and Improvement
  • Strengthen Enrollment Management and Career and Alumni Services

Develop and Implement a Distinctive Research Agenda

  • Prioritize and Create Centers of Excellence
  • Increase Collaboration: Within/Across Departments, Centers & Schools
  • Provide Faculty Support to Increase the External Funding Portfolio
  • Recruit Experienced Investigators Especially with Funding
  • Align Resources to Build on Momentum and Success
  • Encourage and Increase Support for Student Involvement in Research

Engage Communities to Improve Health Outcomes

  • Link Education and the Research Agenda with Community Needs
  • Implement Focused Engagement Strategies with Select Communities
  • Expand and Strengthen Applied Experiences for Students
  • Disseminate and Promote Models and Success Cases
  • Showcase Successful Community Initiatives & Student Contributions
  • Secure Funding for Global/Local Community Engagement Priorities

Build Partnerships to Improve Population Health

  • Communicate Unique Contribution of Public Health to Key Partners
  • Strengthen Partnerships with Health Sciences Schools and Centers
  • Increase the School’s Value to Governmental Public Health Agencies
  • Establish Mutual Partnerships with Key Leaders Impacting Health
  • Provide Staffing and Create Infrastructure to Support Partnerships

Expand and Diversify Financial Resources

  • Create and Implement Management of the FSPH Brand
  • Define and Strengthen the FSPH Funding Model
  • Achieve Targeted Enrollment Growth and Tuition Revenue
  • Achieve Targeted Research Funding Levels
  • Increase Revenue from Strategic Contracts
  • Expand Philanthropic Relationships and Increase Funding