Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Advance the Public's Health and Well-Being Through Education, Innovation and Leadership

In 2017, the Fairbanks School of Public Health gathered to revise the three-year strategic plan. This plan focuses on advancing the public's health and well-being through seven distinct avenues that leverage our strengths in education, innovation and leadership. 

Provide Premiere, Distinctive Educational Opportunities

  • Prepare Learners for Evolving Public Health and Health Care Fields
  • Expand Infrastructure to Support Programs, Instructors and Learners
  • Increase Exposure to and Knowledge of Public and Global Health
  • Implement Innovative Educational Models Including IPE
  • Expand Learning Beyond the Classroom
  • Explore Sources of External Validation, e.g. Certiƒcation

Cultivate and Sustain a Purposeful, Diverse Research Portfolio

  • Hire and Enable a Research Dean
  • Increase Collaboration Across Departments and Between Schools
  • Foster and Reward Success
  • Facilitate Student Involvement in Research
  • Ensure Capability to Respond to New Opportunities
  • Establish a Practice- Based Research Network to Solve Contemporary Challenge

Engage with Communities and Stakeholders

  • Provide Education, Service and Research Linked to Community Needs
  • Develop and Advocate for Effective Public Health Policies
  • Partner with Communities to Improve Health Equity
  • Communicate and Disseminate Best Practices and Results
  • Increase Student/ Alumni Involvement in Service, Learning & Applied Experiences
  • Integrate a Philanthropic Mindset Across FSPH

Expand and Sustain Partnerships to Improve Population Health

  • Strengthen Partnerships with Schools and Centers
  • Increase the School’s Value to Governmental Public Health Agencies
  • Support & Enhance Population Health Initiatives of Health Care Delivery Systems
  • Create and Grow a Program of Public Health Practice
  • Expand Portfolio of International Relationships and Programs

Strengthen Organizational E‡ffectiveness and Stewardship

  • Promote Excellence in Scholarship
  • Develop and Retain Faculty and Staff
  • Achieve Targeted Enrollment Growth
  • Expand Financial Capacity to Achieve Our Mission
  • Create and Embody the FSPH Identity

Support our Core Values, Including: A Culture of Collaboration, Equity, and Diversity