Viola Long Alumni Career Profile

Alumni Career Profile: Viola Long

BS in Health Services Management, 2016
Current Title: Practice Operations Assistant
Current Employer: IU Health Physicians

Viola was originally focused on pre-med. After almost three years and speaking with multiple people, she found out about the Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management (BSHSM) program.

“At first, I was reluctant to change majors because I was not sure what I could do with this degree. I did my own research and spoke with my peers and others in the medical field and was amazed with the many opportunities a Health Services Management degree could provide.”

Viola always knew she wanted to work in healthcare because she always had a passion for helping and inspiring others.

“Once I realized I could still make a difference in healthcare without being frontline, there was no turning back for me.” 

Healthcare is never ending and always evolving. As a future healthcare leader, Viola feels it is very pertinent to evolve with it.

I've had to make ethical decisions, use and understand emotional intelligence, and make decisions that don’t only affect me. And I have so many people from IUPUI to thank for helping me with that.

In fact, Viola says she learned so many things in undergrad that have helped with her experience.

Outside of class, she learned how important networking is. She had always been social, and learned that she could help bring that out in others.

“I have gained so many long term friendships and relationships with other professionals that I may have never made if I didn't move to Indianapolis and come to IUPUI – one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

Networking and using what she learned in the program is what helped Viola land a position with IU Health. “My first role upon graduation was as a Practice Operations Assistant for Riley Children's Hospital, but I later transferred departments for development and more opportunities.”

She has worked for three different divisions within IU Health and currently works for the Digestive and Liver Disorders clinic to assist multiple physicians, managing multiple areas of the department for various providers.

“I am constantly developing within my role and taking on more leadership tasks, such as facilitating daily huddles for my office and becoming part of different groups. I've learned to look at the bigger picture and realize that there are issues bigger than myself. Doing work for the greater good is what healthcare is all about.”

Viola’s ultimate goal is to become the CEO of a hospital. Leading up to that position, she plans to progress and become aware of as many different areas in healthcare as possible. She truly believes that in order to become a great CEO and leader, she must experience and understand different roles. As a leader, she wouldn't want to make decisions that affect others without understanding their responsibilities on a daily basis.

“I plan to be the best at what I do and always inspire others to do the same while changing healthcare one step at a time.”

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