Doctoral Minor in Biostatistics


The Fairbanks School of Public Health offers a PhD minor in Biostatistics with a minimum of 12 credit hours that will provide significant additional statistical analysis competencies over those required as part of the PhD requirements. The discipline of biostatistics is growing in national and international importance, is integral to many areas of pursuit, enhances analytic and databased management skills that are desirable for many doctoral level research projects, offers population-based research perspectives, offers skills that are of interest to the private and public sectors, and formally acknowledges the quantitative course work that doctoral students often take as electives through the Department of Biostatistics.

Students who pursue a minor in Biostatistics will complement their major area of study with concepts underlying the scientific method and applications of data collection, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of results. The minor in Biostatistics emphasizes the design and analysis of experimental and observational studies, theory of probability and statistics, and statistical computing.

The minor in Biostatistics would be particularly valuable to students in health related doctoral programs from many schools, including the IU Schools of Nursing, Dentistry, Medicine, Health and Rehabilitative Sciences, Public and Environmental Affairs, and others. Biostatistics faculty in the Department of Biostatistics will serve as advisors for students choosing this minor.

The curriculum for the PhD minor in Biostatistics provides students with a rigorous grounding in the application of biostatistics in health-related research. This minor requires a strong quantitative aptitude and an interest in biomedical and public health applications.

  • Prerequisites for the Minor in Biostatistics

    Minimum of two semesters of Biostatistics. 

    • PBHL B551 –Biostatistics I for Public Health or PBHL B561 –Biostatistics I or Equivalent
    • PBHL B562 –Biostatistics II for Public Health 
  • Required Courses

    Four (4) Required Courses

    • PBHL B571 Biostatistics Method I: Linear Regression Model (4 hours)
    • PBHL B572 Biostatistics Method II: Categorical Data Analysis (4 hours)

    One of the following Two (2) Options

    Option 1:

    • PBHL B573 –Biostatistics Methods III: Applied Survival Analysis (4 hours)

    Option 2 (two of the following electives)

    • PBHL B574 –Biostatistics Methods IV: Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis (3 hours)
    • PBHL B582 –Introduction to Clinical Trials (3 hours)
    • PBHL B583 –Applied Multivariate Analysis for Public Health (3 hours)
    • PBHL B585 –Analysis of Observational Studies (3 hours)

    Other courses may be taken if approved by the student’s minor advisor. Students who have already completed any of the required courses as part of their MPH or PhD requirements cannot apply these courses toward their minor in Biostatistics. In this case, students must work with their faculty advisor to identify alternate courses in Biostatistics.

The student’s minor advisor will monitor satisfactory completion of the requirements for the minor in Biostatistics. Doctoral students must notify the Fairbanks School of Public Health before beginning their course of study for the minor.

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