Master of Health Administration—Master of Public Health

MHA-MPH Dual Degree

To complete this dual degree, you will take a combination of Public Health Core Courses, MHA and MPH Courses, Public Health Electives, and Public Health Practical Experience Courses that together total 66 credits.

Full Time Schedule

Below is a sample schedule showing how you might complete the MHA/MPH dual degree curriculum.

  • Sample Full Time Schedule

    Fall Year One

    • H508 Managing Health Care Accounting Info & Decision Making (3 credits)
    • H514 Health Economics (3 credits)
    • H515 New Leadership in Healthcare Administration (3 credits)
    • S500 Social & Behavioral Science in Public Health (core) (3 credits)

    Spring Year One

    • H507 Management of Individual and Group Behavior (3 credits)
    • H509 Finance Management Principles in Healthcare (3 credits)
    • H518 Statistical Methods for Health Services (3 credits)
    • H611 Policy Design Implementation & Management (3 credits)

    Summer Year One

    • E517 Fundamentals of Epidemiology (core) (3 credits)
    • H501 US Healthcare Systems and Health Policy (core) (3 credits)

    Fall Year Two

    • H523 Healthcare Services Human Resources Management (3 credits)
    • H624 Developing Strategic Capability (3 credits)
    • H521 Management Science for Health Services Administration (3 credits)
    • A519 Environmental Science in Public Health (core) (3 credits)

    Spring Year Two

    • H516 Health Services Delivery and the Law (3 credits)
    • H612 Marketing Health Services Delivery (3 credits)
    • H628 Healthcare Information Systems (3 credits)
    • H658 Methods in Health Services and Policy Research (3 credits)

    Summer Year Two

    • H702 Internship (3 credits)

    Fall Year Three

    • H705 Health Policy and Management Concentration Project (3 credits)
    • H623 Healthcare Applications of Strategic Management (3 credits)
    • H641 Ethics in Public Health (3 credits)
    • Hxxx New Operations Management Course in Healthcare