MSW-Master of Public Health

Master of Social Work Curriculum

  • Foundation Curriculum

    The Foundation Curriculum is for regular standing students who enter without a BSW. Advanced standing students (students who enter with a BSW), do not need to take the Foundation Curriculum. 

    Take all five courses for 16 credits

    • S600 Intro to the SW Profession
    • S600 Diversity, Oppression, and Social Justice
    • S502 Research I*
    • S600 Theory & Practice
    • S505 Social Policy Analysis and Practice
    • S516 Social Work Practice:  Organizations, Communities, Societies

    *3 additional credit hours of other 600-level courses

  • Concentration Curriculum

    Take all five courses for 15 credits

    • S517 Mental Health Assessment
    • S600 Clinical Theory & Practice
    • S600 Community/Global Theory & Practice
    • S555 Social Work Practicum I
    • S661 Executive Leadership Practice
  • Health Practice Area Curriculum
    • S623 Practice Research Integrative Seminar I 
    • S651 Practicum II 
    • S652 Practicum III* 
    • S692 Health Care Practice I
    • S693 Health Care Practice II )

    *3 additional credit hours of other 600-level courses