MPH in Health Policy & Management Alumni Profiles

Public Health in Health Policy and Management Alumni Career Profiles

Trying to choose the best career path may be difficult when you have not had real experience in the public health field. There are countless opportunities and paths to pursue, which is why we strive to equip our students with the tools and support they need to choose the public health career best for them.

Our Master of Public Health in Health Policy and Management alumni working in the field were once prospective students too. Many of them have agreed to share their success stories in hopes of helping you discover a career path you will love. 

Emily Sargent, MPH'18

Public Health Advisor, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Emily chose a BA in Criminal Justice because she originally wanted to be a criminal lawyer. Then, she became an emergency medical technician while in school at IU Bloomington, and discovered her passion for health law.

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Cameron Hilt, MPH'21

Program Director, Indiana Rural Health Association

Cameron chose the MPH degree after researching many different degree options. Mainly because he knew that he wanted to work on improving the quality of patient care, reduce medical waste, and reduce medical costs.

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Amy Shackelford, MPH'17

Early stage researcher – PhD student, ISCTE

Public health was specifically important for Amy in understanding the complexities that inform the baseline of wellbeing in our societies. She feels that public health is everywhere and everything.

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Lauren Clark, MPH'17

Infection Preventionist, IU Health-Methodist

Lauren knew she always wanted to be in healthcare but wasn’t sure what she wanted to do beside. She took the undergraduate intro to public health class and instantly knew that that was the career she wanted to go into.

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