DDS-MPH | Master of Public Health Joint Degrees Offered at FSPH

DDS-MPH Coordinated Curriculum

Public health dentistry is focused on controlling dental diseases and promoting dental health through organized community efforts, locally and globally. It is a dental practice that serves the community as a patient, rather than the individual.

Public health dentists have a broad knowledge of and skills in:

  • Public health administration;
  • Research methodology;
  • Prevention and control of oral diseases;
  • Delivery and financing of oral health care.

Individuals who earn their MPH/DDS typically complete a one-year residency to prepare for the specialty examination by the American Board of Dental Public Health. Residences are usually 12-month full-time supervised programs focused on academic courses, field experience and opportunities for practical experience.


Students typically earn both the DDS and MPH in about five years. Between their third and fourth years of study students begin to work on the MPH part-time. Through this option, some course work and electives taken in the DDS curriculum will apply toward the MPH degree.