JD—Master of Public Health

Juris Doctor Curriculum

  • Health Care Law Concentration Courses

    Take all courses for 33 credits

    • LAW – D509 Property (4 credits)
    • LAW – D512 Contracts and Sales I (3 credits)
    • LAW – D520 Legal Analysis, Research and Communication I (2 credits)
    • LAW – D541 Torts (4 credits)
    • LAW – D707 Civil Procedure I (3 credits)
    • LAW – D513 Contracts and Sales II (3 credits)
    • LAW – D521 Legal Analysis, Research and Communication II (2 credits)
    • LAW – D530 Legal Analysis, Research and Communication III (2 credits)
    • LAW – D533 Criminal Law (3 credits)
    • LAW – D620 Constitutional Law (4 credits)
    • LAW – D708 Civil Procedure II (3 credits)
  • Required Advanced Courses

    Take all courses for 18 credits

    • LAW – N647 Administrative Law (3 credits)
    • LAW – N645 Closely Held Business Organizations (3 credits)
    • LAW – N845 Financing and Regulation of Health Care (2 or 3 credits)
    • LAW – N838 Bioethics and Law (2 or 3 credits)
    • LAW – D761 Law and Public Health (2 credits)
    • LAW – Advanced Course (2 or 3 credits)
  • Electives

    Select six credits of electives

    • LAW – N866 Antitrust and the Health Care Industry (2 credits)
    • LAW – N838 Bioethics and Law (2 or 3 credits)
    • LAW – N859 Business and Legal Aspects of Health Care Organizations (2 credits)
    • LAW - Disability Clinic, Hospital Legal Department Externship
    • LAW – N888 Food and Drug Law (2 credits)
    • LAW – N851 Insurance Law (2 credits)
    • LAW – D761 Law and Public Health (2 credits)
    • LAW – N824 Law and Medical Malpractice (2 or 3 credits)
    • LAW – N874 Psychiatry and the Law (2 credits)
    • Additional Electives on Approved Online Elective List
  • Research and Writing Required Courses
    • LAW – N861 Professional Responsibility (2 or 3 cr. Number of credit hours will be announced when the course is scheduled)
    • LAW – Advanced Research and Writing (0 cr.)

Student Profile

Marcella Gregory
JD-MPH Student

marcella"Four years ago, a law dual degree program was almost unheard of, especially a JD-MPH. The fact that the IU Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health was among the few that offered this innovative program and it was located in a dynamic metropolitan area solidified my desire to become a student. Acquiring two professional degrees in four years was an amazing opportunity I would do again. This program offers a wide range of classes during the year and great options during the summer. The professors are knowledgeable on the subjects they teach and genuinely want to see you succeed. Through the courses I've taken, I know I'm meant to be a public health lawyer. I want to analyze the way in which law is used as a tool to promote public health initiatives. The JD-MPH program supports the connection between these two disciplines and creates public health advocates prepared to improve quality of life. This past summer I worked for the CDC in their public health law program - they hire only interns currently in a duel degree JD-MPH program."