BSHSM Student Profiles

Health Services Management alumni career profiles

Trying to choose the best career path may be difficult when you have not had real experience in the public health field. There are countless opportunities and paths to pursue, which is why we strive to equip our students with the tools and support they need to choose the public health career best for them.

Our Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management alumni working in the field were once prospective students too. Many of them have agreed to share their success stories in hopes of helping you discover a career path you will love. 

Kimberly Osborne, BSHSM'22

Compliance Improvement Coordinator, Damar Services, Inc

The reason Kimberly chose health services management is because she wanted to help make a difference in health care for both employees and patients/clients. She worked in health care for five years in direct patient care and got to learn a lot about herself during that time.

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Lizbeth Hernandez, BSHSM'22

Clinical Research Specialist, IU Melvin and Bren Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center

Lizbeth always knew she wanted to work in healthcare but she was unaware of all the available roles and career opportunities. Lizbeth found out about the HSM program through her advisor. Many of her skills and interests helped her connect with this program. It’s amazing what happens behind the scenes in healthcare and she really wanted to play a role in that.

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Hana Tingle, BSHSM'22

Client Account Specialist, Healthcare Claims Management

Hana always wanted to be involved in healthcare. After starting at IUPUI, she found that she aligned more with the business side of it instead of the more bedside and hands-on, patient-facing side.

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Kendall Ranges, BSHSM'22

Clinical Quality Strategy Intern, Elevance Health

Kendall chose health services management to observe how the intersection of business professionals in healthcare can improve community health and patient health outcomes.

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Alexa Abbott, BSHSM'20

Executive Director, Miller’s Health Systems

After becoming a certified nursing assistant, Alexa quickly realized she did not want to be a nurse. Being an executive director is the best of both worlds, she says. She is able to interact with residents and is involved in all of the day to day decisions and operations. Instead of direct patient care, she is more behind the scenes, which is her preference.

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Agatha Beier, BSHSM'21

Medical Scribe, Robin Healthcare

While taking an exploratory course her freshman year, Agatha remembers listening to fellow students talk about the degrees IUPUI offered. The student from Fairbanks School of Public Health explained the importance of public health, including epidemiology, finance, and policy. It was a perfect degree path for her as she knew she wanted to work in the healthcare field.

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Brad Haney, BSHSM'21

Operations Liaison, Riverview Health

When Brad took an EMT class he was hooked on EMS. He then received his paramedic certificate and worked for the City of Indianapolis. He chose his current role as operations liaison because it was closely related to his previous career as a paramedic.

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Christine Krieger, BSHSM'17

Service Center Representative, JWM Neurology

Christine says the lessons she learned from the Health Services Management program have not left her. She chose this major because she wanted to provide care for others in a non-traditional way. Working at JWM Neurology, Christine now services more than 40 neurological care providers at eight offices throughout the Indianapolis area.

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Elena Smith, BSHSM'17

Pre-Services Coordinator, Eskenazi Health

Wanting to get involved with the constant changes in the health field, Elena was eager to study Health Services Management. Completing the program, she decided to enter the workforce and accepted her first position as pre-services coordinator at Eskenazi Health.

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Joseph Wamathai, BSHSM'17

Billing and Reimbursement Specialist, Express Scripts

Joseph spent several years working as a caregiver and wanted to transition into an administrative or management role. He first earned an associate degree from Ivy Tech and then transferred to IUPUI for the Health Services Management program. He is now a part of the finance department's escalations team at Express Scripts.

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Sarah Vivo, BSHSM'16

Program Manager, American Cancer Society

Sarah was working with patients in the hospital setting, but believes real healing requires more than tests and prescriptions. That’s ultimately why she chose this program. As a graduate, she now enjoys working at a nonprofit, providing important supportive services that complement the traditional "diagnosis and treatment" side of medicine.

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Tyler Childress, BSHSM'16

Grant Coordinator, Indiana School of Medicine

Tyler was at a crossroads before choosing to major in Health Services Management. He wanted to be in the healthcare industry, but also wanted to study business. Today, Tyler assists MDs and PhDs with grant funding, helping to construct their budgets.

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Viola Long, BSHSM'16

Practice Operations Assistant, IU Health Physicians

Viola was originally focused on pre-med; she always knew she wanted to work in healthcare because she always had a passion for helping and inspiring others. Since completing the Health Services Management program, she has worked for three divisions within IU Health and currently works for the Digestive and Liver Disorders clinic.

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Abby Lauck, BSHSM'15

Project Coordinator, MHP Major Hospital

Abby always knew she wanted to be in the healthcare industry. She started studying nursing, but didn’t believe nursing was the best fit for her. Abby completed the Health Services Management program and now works as a project coordinator on new construction and renovation projects throughout her organization.

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Josh Burger, BSHSM'10

Provider Data Manager, MDwise

Josh’s decision to major in Health Services Management was, in his words, plain and simple – he wanted to be a leader in the healthcare industry. His first job after graduating was with IU Medical Group Primary Care as a Provider Relations Assistant. He had multiple advancements there and at Eskenazi Health before finding himself at MDwise, where he works today. 

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