Health Services Management Careers

Many graduates decide to pursue careers in hospitals or large health care systems. Whether they end up in a smaller rural hospital or a large state-wide or national health system, each graduate finds a way to impact the experience of the patients they serve. Graduates often get their start in a patient services, community outreach, or revenue cycle role.

Students who plan to work their way into the top leadership roles in a hospital or large health system are encouraged to consider the appropriate graduate degree to fit their aspirations. If this is a goal for you, you may want to look into our accelerated Master in Health Administration program

Employers of recent graduates:

  • Ascension Health
  • IU Health
  • Franciscan Alliance
  • St. Vincent Health
  • Community Health Network
  • Hendricks Regional Hospital
  • Hancock Regional Hospital

Job titles of recent graduates:

  • Community Outreach Associate
  • Patient Experience Specialist
  • Patient Services Representative
  • Patient Access Specialist
  • Physician Recruiter
  • Patient Account Representative
  • Patient Access Representative
  • Insurance Verification Representative
  • Billing and Reimbursement Associate
  • Clinic Services Specialist
  • Department Secretary
  • Care Coordinator

Insurance is a major component of the US healthcare system. It should be no surprise then that graduates of the Health Services Management program go on to work in this vital part of the larger healthcare sector. While some pursue roles in sales, many move into provider facing roles where they can use their background to interact with physicians and office managers.

Employers of recent graduates:

  • Anthem
  • Banker’s Life Insurance
  • Innovista Health
  • Humana
  • IU Health Plans

Job titles of recent graduates:

  • Account Services Representative
  • Provider Relations Specialist
  • Sales Agent
  • Member Services Specialist

Think about your doctor’s office or dentist’s office growing up. Whether it was a small, one or two physician shop or a large practice with many clinicians, there were individuals running the operations of that office while the clinician administered care. This outpatient side of the healthcare sector offers many career opportunities for graduates.

Employers of recent graduates:

  • IU Health Physicians
  • JWM Neurology
  • Primaria Health
  • Senior Check-In
  • Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine
  • QuadMed
  • Immediadent
  • Surgical Care Affiliates
  • Franciscan Physician Network
  • ATI Physical Therapy

Job titles of recent graduates:

  • Office Manager
  • Clinic Services Specialist
  • Practice Operations Assistant
  • Scheduler
  • Documentation Specialist
  • Patient Care Coordinator
  • Office Administrator

Good healthcare requires a wide variety of services, devices and pharmaceuticals to function. For that reason, graduates are able to pursue a wide range of roles in these non-clinical settings.

Employers of recent graduates:

  • Eli Lilly and Company
  • Roche
  • Express Scripts
  • Coram CVS

Job titles of recent graduates:

  • Solutions Development Analyst
  • Customer Care Specialist
  • Project Coordinator
  • Account Services Specialist
  • Human Resources Specialist

Long-term care refers to the range of supports and services, both medical and non-medical, an individual who is suffering with a chronic illness or disability may need over a long period of time. While nursing homes are the most commonly thought of long-term care setting, long-term care also refers to rehabilitation centers, home health services, hospice, and assisted living communities.

Employers of recent graduates:

  • CarDon
  • American Senior Communities
  • Grace at Home
  • Greenwood Village South Senior Living Community
  • Home Helpers Homecare
  • Millers Health Systems
  • America Homecare of Indiana

Job titles of recent graduates:

  • Director
  • Program Manager
  • Admissions Assistant
  • Rehab Director
  • Patient Care Coordinator
  • Marketing and Sales Coordinator
  • Personnel Coordinator
  • Administrator in Training
  • Director of Support Services
  • Scheduling Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Some graduates are passionate about a health-related cause and want to work directly with a particular population or issue. For these graduates, the world of nonprofits is an ideal one.

Employers of recent graduates:

  • Damar Services Inc.
  • American Cancer Society
  • Cancer Support Services

Job titles of recent graduates:

  • Office Manager
  • Patient Care Technician
  • Associate Director of Development
  • Program Specialist
  • Program Coordinator
  • Event Coordinator

Graduates also venture beyond the traditional healthcare sector. Some go on to pursue careers in human resources or marketing in corporate environments. Others decide to pursue careers in corporate health and wellness settings where they work to ensure the health and well-being of employees in large corporations.

Other graduates go on to work in state or federal government roles. Health Services Management graduates can be found in county health departments, state departments of health and state departments of family services.

Employers of recent graduates:
  • Indiana State Department of Health
  • Ripley County Health Department
  • Dedicated Nursing Associates
  • Brooks Life Science
  • Indiana Department of Child Services

Job titles of recent graduates:

  • Accreditation Coordinator
  • Recruiter
  • Community Outreach Specialist
  • Continuous Improvement Specialist
  • Family Case Manager

Alumni career profiles

We've asked several Health Services Management alumni to share the career opportunities they have had since graduating. Browse our alumni career profiles to see what possibilities a degree in Health Services Management can offer.

Alumni career profiles

Your capstone internship

Gaining experience is essential to finding success in the healthcare industry. To this end, all Health Services Management majors are required to complete a capstone internship in their last semester in the program.

Prior to completing the capstone internship, students go through a rigorous career preparation course (PBHL-H379) and participate in the Health Services Management Internship Interview Day where they interview with internship sites and have the opportunity to match with a capstone internship.  

Learn more about internship interview day

Explore the Capstone Internship Showcase

Description of the video:

Description of the following video:

[Video: Several students are sitting at a desk in a classroom talking.]


Jazmin: Internships are so important because a lot of people do not get the application piece.

[Video: A woman in a black and white top chats with a male student in an office environment]

[Words appear: Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health Indianapolis]

[Video: Students in a lecture classroom laugh and talk during a group discussion]

Jazmin: People want to know what you can do and so I do know when I graduate, (Jazmin appears onscreen in an office setting, wearing business attire) I have three years’ worth of experience that I can use that’ll be valuable when I do apply for jobs.

[ Words appear: Jazmin | Student]

[Video: Young man in a blue shirt sits at a computer working in an office environment. Woman with short hair is sitting in her office, wearing a black top and begins speaking.]

Emily: Internships are a great opportunity to really explore kind of where you want to go within your career.

[Words appear: Emily | Jazmin’s Internship Supervisor]

[Video: Man with black glasses, sitting beside a desktop monitor smiles and talks in background]

[Words appear: Amila | Student]

[Video: Young woman with black suit jacket and white top, sitting in a brightly lit room begins speaking]

Amila: My most recent internship has been at The Julian Center, the largest domestic violence shelter in Indy and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had.

[Video: Front of The Julian Center building and its sign is zoomed in on]

[Video: Jazmin walks through student campus center smiling, then video cuts to her speaking while sitting in an office environment. Jazmin is then shown packing a gift bag with items from a file cabinet.]

Jazmin: I’ve learned so many things about myself and just knowing as a professional, one day, that just learned like conflict management or learning about turnover and retention and just how important it is to keep people engaged and things that I probably would not have learned in the classroom that I’ve been able to learn in my internship.

[Video: Emily speaking in her office.]

Emily: Internships: it gets them the opportunity to set career goals under the mentorship of other professionals.

[Video: Young man in business attire walks into woman’s office to hand her a paper file. Then another young man wearing black glasses and a tie is shown in a cubicle looking over a document while holding a highlighter; he is shown in another office setting and begins speaking.]

[Words appear: Trevor | Student]

Trevor: After working at Eskenazi, I have really found a passion with consulting.

[Video: Woman, standing in Trevor’s cubicle, points to his computer screen while he watches.]

A lot of my internship was updating paperwork to the program called SharePoint.

[Video: The woman wearing black and white, sits in an office room and begins to speak. As she begins speaking, images of the hospital Trevor interned at are shown.]

[Words appear: Shirl | Trevor’s Internship Supervisor]

Shirl: Trevor was able to go to executive meetings. He went to regular staff meetings and he was able to see different aspects of healthcare.

[Video: Amila is shown in brightly lit room again, and begins speaking]

Amila: know now how a non-profit works; how different it is then working in a hospital or physician practice. And I think that deeper knowledge will set me apart from other candidates that may not have worked in a non-profit before.

[Video: Students talk while sitting at a desk together, followed by Jazmin speaking in the office again.]

Jazmin: When I was looking at my resume in class, I’m like, oh my goodness, I’ve done all this stuff. Whether it’s talking to students, whether it’s program planning, whether it has just been coordinating different events and scheduling, all these things that will be beneficial. Whether I go the health management route or if I go the public health route, all these things that I will be able to use and that will be profitable for any organization that I may work with.

[Words appear on white background: Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health Indianapolis; Internships in Health Services Management; PBHEALTH.IUPUI.EDU]

[Music for several seconds and video ends.]

[End of transcript]

Internship spotlights

The summer prior to Taylor's senior year, she interned at St. Vincent Medical Group, shadowing numerous postions to learn about different job functions within healthcare. After spending time within the Rural and Urban Access to Health department and completing her internship, she was offered a permanent position.

Learn about Taylor's journey